Take physic, pomp

Ironic? Surely not

So run this by me again, yeah? When 29 people are tortured and held illegally by police and security forces for three days, including one person shot dead, the NYT’s Latin American asshole reporter-in-chief doesn’t think it newsworthy and so doesn’t bother covering it. Because it’s Peru. And because Peru is the USA’s new-best-friend. And we can’t go round upsetting foreign investors, can we? But when four Venezuelan students are arrested by police for protests that include throwing molotov cocktails hither and thither it’s immediate front page material of the highest “let’s forget the details of what the attackers were doing and only talk about the tear gas” order.

Sounds perfectly logical to me. By the way, El Chiguire Bipolar reports Vzla far better than that twat Romero who prefers to get lawyers molesting bloggers rather than do some actual work. Case in point here, and another is that the NYT has to rely on AP for stories these days. More FruityRumPunch, Rosemary?

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