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Is Peru providing logistical support for the Honduras coupmongers?

Screenshot from the video below that clearly shows the tear gas
being used by Honduras police to put down pro-Zelaya
protestors is from Peru’s National Police Force

It was something that your humble servant (and commenters to IKN) first noted yesterday when mentioned in Al Giordano’s incisive article on the latest developments in Honduras.

“We can also see in that video the revelation that the tear gas canisters shot by the National Police yesterday were stamped as property of the government of Perú…”

Today it’s been a subject that’s made it to headlines in Peruvian media and questions being asked by respected members of congress in Peru’s parliament.

Is Peru helping the illegal government of Micheletti? Is Peru providing vital logistical support to Honduras police and armed forces to help them repress the pro-Zelaya protestors? The evidence is pretty clear on one score; those tear-gas canisters used by Honduras police officers on Wednesday are clearly marked “Policía Nacional Del Perú” (no translation needed, I trust).

You’ll see them on this video at minute 1:40 (about 2/3rds of the way through). It couldn’t be printed any more clearly. The man in the shot says (translated), “This is the type of bomb the police use to repress us. The USA sent them to the Peruvian police and the Peruvian police sent (them) to Honduras. How can this be? What explanation can be given for this?”.

Peruvian daily La Primera quotes opposition member of congress Fredy Otárola this way:

It’s “very serious” that tear gas canisters carrying the inscription “Policía Nacional Del Perú” are being used by Honduran police because it is evidence that the government of president Alan García is supporting the coupmonger government of Roberto Micheletti.”

The director of Peru’s National Coordinator of Human Rights, Ronald Gamarra:

“…demanded that the minister of the interior, Octavio Salazar, explained how the tear gas got to Honduras.”

Opposition parliamentarian Yonhy Lescano (ottonote: one of a rare breed of honest politicos in Peru) said that he would ask minister Salazar explain the situation to parliament (ottonote: a formal situation in Peru that is used when a situation is suitably serious) and to ask him to clarify whether Peru’s government is supplying the illegal Honduras government.

Even the ruling APRA party is a seat of dissent, with APRA congress member Edgar Nuñez saying

“…it is very serious that the police has sent tear gas to Honduras.”

Peru needs to make a clear statement right now. It has taken a weak line of support for Zelaya, but all the same Peru’s official position is to support the Oscar Arias plan that reinstates Zelaya to power. It also voted not to recognize the Micheletti coup government with all other UNASUR members. Is Peru sneakily helping Micheletti behind everyone’s back? We need to be told.

UPDATE: A few minutes ago and via press release, Peru’s national police force stated that it hadn’t sold, donated of given in any way any tear gas canisters to Honduras and it was all some administrative error blamed on a company in Honduras.

In fact the only people that have to worry are those who dare to report this piece of news, because at the end of the press release the PNP stated (translation):

“The right to begin legal actions in order the preserve the image of the country and of the police is reserved.”

I’m having one of those ScoobyDoo we-wudda-gotten-away-with-it-too-if-it-weren’t-for-you-pesky-kids-and-that-dawg moments again. Funny how they spring up so often these days….

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