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Is the rumour true about Casey’s Louis ‘Lobito’ James and PC Gold (PKL.to)?

We hear unconfirmed reports that Louis Lobito James is so darned important these days that he got (now ex) CEO of PC Gold (PKL.to) fired by the company after throwing a fit of pique about the company’s share price performance since reco’ing to his people mid-year….can this possibly be true? Can a humble rock kicker/stock picker like Lobito get a 25 year veteran of the junior world thrown out of the company just because he reco’d the stock to his subscribers on June 10th at 70c?

Here’s how that June 10th piece by Lobito finished up, by the way:

“PC Gold seems to bottom in the 70-cent range, near where we are now. That and the pending drill results make this a good time to take a first tranche. Of course, Shopping Season is upon us, so you should not chase this stock, and should look for opportunities to take a second tranche below 65 cents, perhaps even at 60 cents or less, if given a chance to do so in the weeks ahead.”

Well, the good news is that Casey Research Alert clients (paying what, $2k a year for the privilege?) got all the 60c they could have wanted, Lobito. Errr….the bad news is….

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