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It’s a TKO: Taseko Mines’s Ross Hallbauer goes full trainwreck on BNN

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My thanks to reader ‘MS’ who sent the link to this BNN segment into IKN Nerve Centre. Here’s what MS had to say about it:

Could this be the worst performance ever by a mining company CEO on national TV? What was he thinking?
Answer: Honestly dunno MS, but if there is a worse one than this I want to see it. Ross Hallbauer, the pres/CEO of Taseko, was on Canada’s biz teevee Friday lunchtime to answer questions about the proxy fight the company now faces. It starts gently enough (though from the getgo you can see he’s ill at ease), because questions about the $26m spent by Taseko (and plenty of that on fees to parent company Hunter Dickinson) with nothing to show for their efforts are batted back with standard “corporate governance” and “board approval” answers. But then, at around 1:15, the interviewer asks him just how independent the board is when three of its members are also on the Hunter Dickinson board. From this point it goes downhill fast for Hallbauer, from ouch to aaargh and beyond embarrassing. With eggnog. A case study on how not to be a TV CEO, go see it all right here.

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