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It’s all quiet in Venezuela……..

Luis Herrero is very silly man
…….now that a fool from Spain has gone home.
Spanish Euro MP Luis Herrero was invited by those that run these things to be one of the official observers of the referendum vote tomorrow. To ensure free’n’fair and all that stuff, there are 1,200 (I think) neutrals shipped in to watch over things…all quite normal. Well now there’s only 1,199, as Rightwinger Herrero’s (member of the Spanish PP party) idea of being neutral is saying the following 36 hours before the vote starts (via Ottotrans™):
“(Let Venezuelans) vote freely, and that they must never vote under the fear that a dictator is deliberately trying to impose upon them”*.

Result, Venezuela kicked him out of the country. So for sure we’ll get exactly what Herrero wanted as the result, namely a diplomatic spat and more reason to shout “police state” etc. But the thing is that Herrero deliberately broke..nay smashed into pieces…his neutrality and respect for the role he was given in a ridiculous and childish way. I mean fer crying out loud here! What about some international observer checking out the recent US elections while wearing a T-shirt with “No Darkies” splashed across the front? That’s about where we are here on the subtlety stakes.
It’ll be interesting to see just how much fuss the rabid right makes about this indefensible that made a mockery of neutrality and got exactly what he deserved. How anyone could put this gillipollas in as a neutral observer and expect him to remain unbiased during the election tomorrow after what he said is beyond the ken of any reasonable person.

* Original Spanish: “votar en libertad y que jamás voten dejándose llevar por el miedo que premeditadamente un dictador está tratando de imponer”.

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