Tis rigor and not law

It’s been a good week…

…for the portfolio (assuming  a relatively smooth run in the next four hours this Friday) and I just noticed, while doing some preliminary work on numbers for The IKN Weekly for Sunday that of the 14 stocks we currently cover, a full 13 are up on the week, including one up 25+%, three others up 12% and a whole gaggle in the 6% to 8% range. So it’s fun to note (this end at least) that the only stock I’ve received mail on this week has been the one loser of the 14. Such is the way of the the job, I suppose 🙂

However, content here on the blog has been light. That’s probably because it gets tougher to be snarky about the sector when things are going well. Then again, it’s going to be even thinner next week, what with the four day trip I’m on. Have a pleasant weekend.

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