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It’s beyond me why Evo Morales is so popular in Bolivia

Here’s an interesting chart.

It shows the breakdown of people per region over the age of 60 that have received the “Renta Dignidad” (kinda translates as ‘dignity payment’) retirement pension from the Morales gov’t since the program began on February 1st. Everyone over 60 in Bolivia is entitled to this money, and it’s the first time ever that the State has bothered to pay this kind of social security.

Those with a previously existing private pension scheme get Bs.150 per month (about U$21 right now). Those with no other coverage (i.e. the majority) get Bs.200 per month (U$28). Now I know that twenty bucks or so doesn’t sound like a lot to you, but that kind of money stretches a long way in South America’s poorest country and the pension program has been a universally accepted and resounding success, even in the heartlands of the Evohaters. You can even tell that from where you’re sitting, because nobody ever talks about this pension plan. Too successful, y’see.

In total 687,962 people over the age of 60 now receive their monthly dues. So what has your government done for you and your GINI index rating lately, gringos?

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