Take physic, pomp

It’s Bolivia’s fault, of course

To combat the narcotraffickers in its country Bolivia wants a bit of air support. It has been interested in buying radar equipped planes for its FELCN anti-narco police for a while, with the latest potential supplier The Czech Republic.

However, the Czechs (just like previous potential vendors previously) have been stopped from selling their trainer craft with the necessary equipment to Bolivia by…yes you’ve guessed it already…the United States of America. Bolivia’s Defence Minister Walker San Miguel (crazy name, crazy guy) yesterday confirmed that he’d received word from the Czech Republic apologizing for the fact that the USA gov’t has stopped them from selling their planes.

Let us remember that the USA says Bolivia has a bad attitude in its (their phrase not mine) WarOnDrugs™ and accuses them of not making enough effort. Now am I missing something here, or………………

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