Win us with honest trifles

It’s killing me how I sold my Regulus (REG.v) shares…

…I cry myself to sleep at night.

And to think of the flak I got for making the call at the time, too. This post to clear up any misunderstandings.

UPDATE: Happy to see those suffering from bias confirmation still get to choose:

  • I was wrong at first
  • I will be wrong later
  • I was lucky

Any options missing?


    Why are you gloating about old news from 2 years ago? Are you the scavenger buying it up right now in anticipation of the new drill results in the spring? Why not publicize the facts about the ESG issues being resolved along with the hydrological concerns?


      I presume you stayed long.

      Funny how if i dare to defend myself with facts, it’s gloating. But fear not, i know from long experience not to expect much from an audience.

      Yours, Cassandra.


    I too disregarded your advice to dump reg a few months ago. about two weeks after our online chat it bounced. I have no doubt that you know infinitely more about these matters and this business than I do but sometimes my obstinance serves me well. Eagerly awaiting some sexy drill results. Jw.


    You were wrong before but it seems you changed your tune and I am hopeful that you are right in doing so. If we get some good results I see a bump up to near 2$. However, when ‘if’s and ‘but’s’ are candies and nuts we will all have a merry Xmas.


    Haha. You kill me. It’s like you are feigning an apology of sorts then you tell us why you have always been right. Man you must have been a stand up comedian in a former life. Not a good one but lots of one liners and plenty of heckler replies. Love it.


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