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Peru provides today’s WTF moment. Here’s the link to the El Comercio story (has a video of the lady in question), and here comes the Ottotrans™:

A 90 year old woman who looks like a sweet grandmother was captured in Lima when she took part in a house robbery, according to police reports today.

Fanny Marulanda went to a house that was for sale along with two other women in the Lima district of Los Olivos. The old woman’s job was to distract the host with a supposed deal negotiation while the other two stole valuable objects.

On being discovered the two younger women escaped in a taxi that was waiting for them, but Marulanda couldn’t get to the taxi in time and tried to escape on foot. Her age got the better of her and she was apprehended two blocks away.

At the police station Marulanda gave a false name to officers and told them that the other two women had conned her by saying they were only going for a visit. However, when Marulanda’s true identity was confirmed so was her previous criminal record as a thief.

The woman was freed by police who took her age into consideration.

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