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It’s not just me that thinks this way about Alan García (glad to say)

Enrique Iglesias, general secretary of the important Iberoamericana institute, today wrote a good analysis of what the recession is likely to do to Latin America. In his review of the Iglesias piece, Peru opposition politican Juan Sheput whacks into President Twobreakfasts for much the same reason as this humble correspondent.

Below is part of Sheput’s critique. I’m not a grand fan of Sheput, for what it’s worth. I read him occasionally and feel that sometimes he’s right and sometimes wrong. Also, the Toledo government was just A.N Other corrupt LatAm gov’t and nothing to write home about on the social front (though it was pretty efficient economically-speaking). Of course Sheput is talking his own political book, being a party member of ex-Pres Toledo and a natural opposer of the current ruling APRA regime, but all the same….all the same…..

Also those versed in Spanish will learn a lot from the original E. Iglesias article linked here. Here are two extracts from the Sheput critique as put through the Ottotrans™:


“President García acts irresponsibly as his attitude is like somebody in a tower watching the giant waves of a tsunami still far away and shouts to those below, “Nothing’s going to happen here”. Guided by his calculations and hopes, his invocations to an imaginary god and without scientific rigour. His only support is in the irresponsibles that accompany him, such as (Finance) Minister Luis Carranza, who prefers to keep in with his boss and entourage than with his nation…


“The Iberoamerican secretary general, Enrique V. Iglesias, has just written an article in Spain’s El Pais entitled “Iberoamerica and the Economic Crisis”, in which he warns us about what is coming and including the neighbour states. The difference is that while Lula, Kirchner, Evo, Uribe and Michelle Bachelet prepare and prepare their population by warning them, here in Peru the demagoguery of Alan García is fuel for his own self-deception that manifests publicly when he says that here nothing is going to happen….”

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