More matter with less art

It’s not what they say, it’s what they don’t say

The Sulliden Gold (SUE.to) 2q13 MDA out last night, now that was a fun read. The best bit is the unwritten bit, because this bunch of Bharti bullshitters guys don’t even bother about trying to minimize the well documented, obvious and ongoing awful community relations situation at Shahuindo, they just ignore it. Yup that’s right, not a single word dedicated to the most important issue surrounding this project, important as in project-killing important. Whistle past that graveyard, pretend it doesn’t exist, keep Reg Fs clear of anything that might be of any slight embarrassment to the company.
It’s the way they assume we’re all fucking stupid that irks most, I think. Then again, they did manage to sucker in Agnico Eagle so wtfdik?

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