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It’s time for GUESS THE STANSBERRY/DOODY SILVER PUMP, a game all the family can play

So, it turns out that the bullshit frontrunning pumphouse Stansberry & Ass. is going to go for the silver sector at the end of this week, something that your humble scribe was blissfully unaware of until last night’s mailbox was perused. Here below is the main body of said interesting mail received last night from “J”. It also included a full disclosure on J’s part as regards his financial positioning towards potentials here (which was straightshooting and shows he doesn’t have ulterior motives, but as it’s personal stuff it doesn’t make the blog). The main body of the mail has also been redacted everso everso slightly to shield IDs, but the message hasn’t changed a jot. Here’s J and IKN returns after the break:


Stansberry has been hawking John Doody’s pending Silver Stock Analyst Report being released on 12/9 at 8am EST. here’s the link to their “video” which you can avoid watching/listening to the whole thing by clicking Quit on that browser window and it will ask you if you really mean to Quit to which you should click Cancel, and you’ll be able to READ the text of the “video” and skim over all of the marketing  BS.

The meat of this “video” is the following “teases” of the 4 Silver Stocks (“the universe of silver stocks … there are only around 20 pure plays.”) he’s going to recommend:

Bottom line: I believe right now, as we experience another U.S. dollar crisis, silver could race up much higher than gold once again.
And to hedge myself against this possibility, I’m looking to buy FOUR (4) silver stocks, starting December 9th.
I applied almost the exact same metrics I use for gold stocks. And I came up with a short list of just four stocks that could take off as silver prices soar.
Each of these four stocks is #1 in one of the metrics I use: One is the #1 most profitable silver firm… One is #1 in digging out silver ounces… One is the fastest growing silver firm… And one is the best explorer.

Given that you have had many successful Silver plays in IKN Weekly, I’m wondering if you can peg Doody’s four stocks and give your subscribers a heads-up before Thursday market close, ESPECIALLY if any of the four might be one’s on your list of 15?

IKN back. So what we know from this is that Mr. Doody is pumping four silver stocks on Friday morning before the bell. As he does have decent traction in the market and a large following, added to the slicker-than-pigshit pumphouse that is Stansberry, it’s safe to assume that four silver stocks on Friday are in for a good time. So, which ones?
The only things I can bring to the table on this are 1) that Doody concentrates on US listed stocks, so I’d expect the four he chooses will quote with US tickers and 2) a bit of educated guesswork on the sector. I have absolutely no idea which stocks are getting the Doody/Stansberry pump treatment Friday, but I’m going to hazard four guesses anyway. If you have any alternative suggestions, feel free to mail in, I’ll add them to this post or run another post later in the week.
Anyway, here come my guesses on what I think Doody will go for here, tell me why I’m wrong

1) The most profitable silver firm: My best guess on the one Doody will plump for is Pan American Silver (PAAS) (PAA.to).

2) Number 1 in digging out silver ounces: My best guess is First Majestic (AG) (FR.to)

3) Fastest growing silver firm: My best guess is Silver Wheaton (SLW)

4) The best explorer: My best guess is MAG Silver (MVG) (MAG.to)

Now for sure there are plenty of alternative names you could throw in the mix, with Fortuna (FSM) (FVI.to), Endeavour (EDR.to) (EXK), Silver Standard (SSRI), Hecla (HL), Tahoe (THO.to) just five of many other candidates I could list. And I repeat, mine are just best guesses so if you have any better ones, fire away.
And dyodd dude, because when it comes to Porter Stansberry, we’re talking about a guy who knows exactly what other words rhyme with pump and isn’t afraid to use them.

UPDATE Friday 9th Dec: Apparently, all four of Doody’s picks are mentioned in this post, but not necessarily in the four guesses.

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