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I’ve grown to hate the first few minutes of the Monday morning market…

…over the last couple of years, mainly due to the anxiety feeling that comes in the hours between reco’ing a new stock on the Sunday and seeing what it does the next day. The single overriding emotion is one of “oh lordy, I hope people don’t pile in” and over the years of The IKN Weekly, I’ve begged, cajoled, rationally explained (or at least tried to), berated, sneered and attempted every tactic that comes to my limited mind to get those who read its pages to realize that piling into a junior mining stock at the first opportunity is a really dumb, dumber and dumbass thing to do. So today I’m really happy, relieved, glad that the new stock we reco’d yesterday in IKN153 hasn’t suddenly jumped 10% or seen a massive influx of early orders. Why that might be is probably one of these three reasons:
1) The message has got through.
2) Because it’s still a way crappy market, momo artists still feel as though they’ve had seven bells kicked out of them, there’s no appetite for risk and stupid pissant lil juniors miners aren’t on the menu. Who needs all that malarkey when there’s AAPL in da house, right?
3) Readers have decided that I’m full of shit.
In a perfect world all three of those will apply in equal measure right now. But whatever it might be, consider me happy that the new reco hasn’t flown at the bell as for just one thing, this one’s for collecting over the months and not flipping over the hours.

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