Hereditary sloth instructs me

I’ve re-joined Twitter, but…

On October 12th I decided to close down my Twitter account as an experiment. I could see it was taking up too much of my time, on the other hand I found it useful for certain things and I wanted to see what difference not having it around would make to my working life and life in general.
After nearly two months without it I can state for the record that the inconvenience of not being on Twitter is far outweighed by the time I now have to do more productive things. That’s true for work (after all I’m no daytrader, never will be, and fundies analysis doesn’t need to be on the absolute second-by-second pulse) and it’s true for my private life. For just one example I’ve got through several books that I’d been planning to read for a while but never got round to because “I don’t have enough time”; right now I’m ploughing through War and Peace (yes the Tolstoy novel and seriously, I’m not being ironic) for the first time in over twenty years. And thoroughly enjoying it too, thanks very much. 
After due consideration, the only thing I truly missed about Twitter was talking about football matches in Spanish with a group of friends that had sprung up over the years. And that’s why I opened a new Twitter account earlier this week. It’s not going to be displayed here on the blog, it’s not going to carry links to IKN posts (Twitter-Things about which I don’t give a rat’s ass include “more blog hits”, “brand promotion”, “becoming influential”, “voice creation”) and it’s not even going to be in English. I’ve gone back to Twitter so that I can chat with my pals in Spanish about River Plate matches, Argentina matches, South American football matters when the games are on. And that’s all.
The main thing I’ve learned these last eight weeks is that I was becoming unconscious over at Twitter. I’d wrapped myself into a stream of inane blather that is extremely habit forming but ultimately becomes rote, superficial and turns you into a mental mirror, rather than a sentient being. There is no Buddha in Twitter.

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