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Jaime Bayly and Twobreakfasts

Noted South American novelist, talk show host and (for a while this year) candidate for President of Peru Jaime Bayly is intelligent, engaging and writes up a storm. He’s also a total son of a bitch. This is a good combination for a snark-merchant site like IKN and here he is spilling the beans today on a private dinner he had this year with President Twobreakfasts. The basic takeaway is that Bayly may well be a SOB, but García beats him hands down in the corruption and anti-democracy stakes. Translated excerpt from Bayly’s column linked here or here:

“Finally, I invited President Alan García to dinner at my house, the genetic accident who governs Peru. When García sank his oceanic girth into the sofa, I had an ominous thought and feared that the piece of furniture would break into pieces. Alan encouraged me to be a candidate (in the Presidential elections). I told him I didn’t have enough money and my mother wouldn’t back me. I asked him how much the President of Peru earned. He didn’t seem to know nor care. “Something like U$3000 a month”, he said. I told him that with that salary I couldn’t maintain my family for five years and added that I’m not a thief and didn’t have the urge to learn the trade. Alan let out a laugh and came out with the phrase of the evening, “Don’t be an idiot man, money arrives all by itself.”

“Later, García said something that to me seemed awful, that if Mr. Humala won the election he would lead a Coup D’Etat and stop, by breaking the law, that Ollanta Humala became President. “Even if they throw me in jail, Humala will not be President”, boasted García.

“That night left me thinking that in fact this is how politics is in Peru: The absolute lack of scruples, passing the hat around and hoping that money arrives by itself, a subtle and false way of saying that money arrives from under the table, in suitcases, bribes and secret bank accounts.”

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