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Jaime Pinto and Elliot Associates: The full case file in English

Apparently, Jaime NOT HODGES! Pinto, non-executive chairman of Minera IRL (IRL.to) MIRL.L) with a dark and murky past, has been telling people he knows nothing about his links with the corruption case involving the State of Peru and Elliot Associates (Paul Singer et al) which, according to the government of Peru, ripped off the country to the tune of U$50m.
Therefore and to help Jaime Pinto catch up on what the rest of us already know, here’s the official Peruvian Congress case file translated into English. This should embed here if I’ve done it right but if not you can get your own copy of the downloadable PDF at this link.

Or paste this into the right place:


And here are a few screen captures of the file, including the front page...

…the contents page…

…and this jolly little segment from the conclusion section (and there’s lots more where that came from).
Enjoy reading about yourself “for the first time”, Jaime. It’s little wonder the investigation into these allegations of corruption have been reactivated recently, what with Keiko riding high in the polls. Because yes, no matter what Jaime NOT HODGES! Pinto might tell you or want to make you believe, this case has now been re-opened by the Peruvian public prosecutor and is being actively investigated by the State authorities.

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