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Jaime Pinto’s obsession with a blogger

At the beginning of this week, your humble scribe exchanged a few mails with Jaime Pinto, non-executive chair of Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L). On September 29th at 6:04pm, your humble scribe wrote his final mail to Jaime Pinto explaining that due to his disgusting behaviour towards his employees, i.e. making an executive decision not to pay his company’s employees for the month just gone out of pure spite, there was no point in continuing any further correspondence. The precise final words of that last mail were:
“Not paying your own employees is the lowest of the low.

Don’t bother replying, because I won’t even open your mail.”

Since then Jaime Pinto has sent no fewer than five e-mails to IKN Nerve Centre with the latest arriving just this morning. However I have no idea of any of those five mails’ contents because true to word (a concept lost on people such as Pinto) I’ve simply deleted each one without opening them.
You would have thought that after sending four mails and receiving no reply after getting the above as your last message from a counterparty, that the penny would drop and you wouldn’t bother mailing any more. But no, not Pinto, a fifth mail this morning seems to indicate he’s more than a little obsessed with IKN and its author.

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