To quit this horrid act

Jaime Pinto’s reading material

 The scene from today’s Standing Room Only press conference.

Here’s the best bit from today’s presser held by Jaime Pinto and his happy band. When asked by one of the reporters about the salaries being earned, Jaime Pinto mentioned that he wasn’t being paid anything except for a small retainer, plus has no type of success bonus set up. But let’s leave aside the strange thoughts of just why he’s working “25 hours a day” (his words during the presser, not mine) for virtually zero pay and move to the answer to the follow-up question that came from another of the reporters there.

Pinto (finishing his point): “…I’m not paid anything.”

Reporter: “Neither is Mr. Hodges?”

Pinto: I’m not Hodges! If he made mistakes he will assume his mistakes. Yes I know him but what I want to say is…(pause) …I…(pause)…there’s these blogs…”Team Hodges”, I have nothing to do with Hodges. I’m not Hodges, I am Peruvian, a respected Peruvian lawyer. I have nothing to do with Hodges.”
Jaime, we love you. And we have the recording of the presser to prove how much we love you.

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