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Jair Bolsonaro is a murderer

World political leaders have shown a disparate range of ability in the face of Covid-19, from the good and the great to the mediocre or bumbling. But only one has been a murderer with intent, that is Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil. His destitution from office should be merely the first step in dealing with this most contemptible of men.
Record increase in cases in Brazil. Brazil has
confirmed 15,305 new cases; a record for a 24-hour period, as well as
824 related deaths, according to data from the country’s Health
Ministry. Brazil has registered 218,223 confirmed cases since the start
of the pandemic, as well as 14,817 deaths.
Your author has been in touch with several LatAm friends this evening since the latest Covid-19 numbers were made known. They and I all have middle class friends inside Brazil, they tend to the right wing and most were Bolsonaro voters. Not any more, they’ve all turned their backs on their President and are as disgusted as the rest of us.
Moral: Woe betide the President that doesn’t look after their citizens in 2020.

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