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Jamie Keech knows

That this humble corner of cyberspace gets undue attention from the rip-off end of Vancouver’s mining world is well-established, the question is why. Why should a bunch of sociopathic, self-centred scumbags intent on stuffing their pockets full of your money worry about a free-to-read blog anyway? Jamie Keech knows. That larcenist in a $1,000 suit used the most disgusting tactics to herd the unaware into Pucara Gold (TORO.v) last year, screaming at the world to buy the stock at the exact moment all his connections were selling out. What happened after is on the chart:

He and his friends rich, anyone who was dumb enough to believe that waste of DNA poor. These are the people who tell you IKN is “off its meds”.


    Thanks for the heads up on Jamie Keech. Appreciated.


    Thks for all your updates. I followed Jamie on Pucara, lost but overall am up a couple hundred thousand CA$ with him in one year. Sure this is pumping and as long as the music goes on, U just need to turn and measure your risk and only use your profits back in. Great posts on all these pumpers.


    Both Katusa and Keech are pushing many deals right now. Market top ? Carbon Streaming Corp for Katusa, 2 copper deals, 2 gold deals for Keech in the next 60 days….


      Katusa? I would like to hear some negatives about him. He comes across as a bad used car salesmen. But from some customers I know they have been happy with his results. He just does not feel right to me.


    oh man, I love how much you love Jamie. you should do a podcast together.

    I have been a member of resource insider with Jamie for a while and have made a lot of money with him. Here is what I don’t understand: how is this a scam? does he get paid by companies (says he does not)?

    Jamie still owns the stock and talks about it regularly as a holding. Do you know how drill results work? You can see the day that drill results were released… when it started selling…


      Enjoy your ill-gotten gains, buy a Maserati or something. You’ve got my wild applause, you are such an amazing winner of a person. You must be very good-looking too, am I right?


        Hey man, no need to act like that. Was just posing a few questions. You can see all of his investments… he’s pretty transparent. Just curious how I’m getting scammed 🤷🏻‍♂️


          Your attitude toward questions leaves something to be desired, too. When asked a question, the least one does in polite society is to register its existence if the desire to reply isn’t there. However in this case I’ll grant you a second chance, so, are you good-looking or not?


            Sorry, I’m not blue blooded. Thanks for your benevolence. I am a single male… so I guess the answer is no, I’m not notably good-looking.

            Don’t expect replies to your inanities, I’m not polite with people like you. Lambos are better for getting unsingle, I hear. Get one of those with your massive pile of dirty cash and don’t bother coming back here, you are not welcome, all I have to offer you is my complete contempt.

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