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Jesus of Suburbia by James Quinn

I just got sent this article by kind reader MF. Here’s the link and here’s an excerpt.

“America has degenerated into a materialistic, corrupt, me first, soul-less society. Nobody is right. Nobody is wrong. Everyone deserves to win, even if they made horrible decisions. Unless this changes soon, this country is doomed. By 2020 the United States will essentially be an old aged pension fund with an army.

“The time for fraud, lies and deceit are over. Anyone within the banking industrial complex, from CEOs to loan officers that committed fraud must go to jail. If individuals lied on their mortgage documents, they should be prosecuted for fraud. If Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke told Ken Lewis to lie, they should be prosecuted. If you borrowed too much and can’t make the payment on the house you are occupying, move out. You lose. Let prices fall to bargain levels and the winners in society who didn’t take on 150% leverage will buy the houses. A twenty year period of economic stagnation may be the best thing that could happen to this country.”


I have just two small quibbles with the article:

1) The use of the word America to mean The United States.
2) The fact that it applies equally to other countries, not just the States. For example The UK and most western European countries are just as guilty on these scores (so don’t start feeling smug over there, dudes).

But apart from those two smallfries, it’s a great note and well worth your weekend reflection time. Now use the link and read the whole thing.

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