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Joe Mazumdar and his willing assistant Brent Cook do BNN’s Market Call

From BNN tonight, one hour of views and opinions that any mining sector person who do well to watch. As usual a smooth and polished performance from the industry legend. Cook wasn’t bad either.
The link to the show is right here, go use it.

Here are the tickers of companies they fielded on the viewer’s questions sections (rather than their boring past picks or new top picks, watch the vid yourself for those), with IKN translating the duos’ sometime diplomatic answers:

  • GSV.v: Not bad, the corporate buying (OGC and GG) is interesting, next set of drills (to South) will be critical.
  • ER.to: Run away.
  • PVG: Leery.
  • NXE.v: Great discovery, but will need plenty of drilling out. No value in owning now.
  • THO.to: They like it, but then again they don’t understand the off-scale Guatemala risk so don’t blame them too much.
  • MND.to: Likeable
  • NMI.to: Joe likes and is buying. As he’s the boss of the duo that’s good enough for me.
  • CLZ.v: Brent likes and owns, new discovery.
  • EVR.to: Brent likes/owns it. Backing the jockey (the new geol Alain Charest)
  • EMX.v: Fairly positive noises.
  • TGM.v: Neutral, but now it’s being bought out no biggie.
  • EDV.to: Buying TGM, neutral noises.
  • VIT.v: They tried hard to say something diplo and almost succeeded. Run away.
  • BSX.to: If they get the permit they’ll like it more. Duh.
  • RMX.v: Run away.

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