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John Kaiser, Harris Fricker, the TSX

It was interesting to see John Kaiser pick up on the contents of the memo sent to the GMP staff who survived the recent round of deep cuts at the firm, the one we leaked on this blog last week (here). Kaiser said:
“The efforts by the TSXV to save itself are justifiably seen as a farce.
But it is no longer just independent observers such as myself calling
foul: read the comments by GMP’s CEO Harris Fricker in his January 13, 2016 Memorandum
about why he axed 27% of the staff of this brokerage firm that caters
to small to mid tier companies. The enemy is not the TSXV itself, but
rather its establishment bank overlords.”
And that’s just a small segment of his whole rant dated yesterday January 20th, the whole thing is here and it’s worth your time.
BUT! But but but! But it’s also interesting to note how IKN managed to find out about Kaiser’s piece. It was due to noticing a back office link and how these people arrived at IKN:
Yup indeedy the TSX is reading you, John K.

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