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John Kerry breaks U.S. neutrality and endorses Juan Manuel Santos for this weekend’s Colombia Presidential election

Via WOLA, here’s the link to the U.S State Dept announcement and here’s the full text:

The United States welcomes the announcement of further progress in efforts to achieve the peace the Colombian people deserve through negotiations. 
Resolving the question of narcotics production and trafficking is central to achieving that peace. We congratulate president Santos and the Colombian government for this advance. 
The FARC has long been deeply involved in, and profited from, cocaine production and transshipment. Reducing cocaine trafficking, including through eradication and interdiction, helped establish the conditions for the peace process now underway. 
In making this announcement, Colombian government officials underlined the importance of maintaining both manual and aerial eradication capabilities. 
As this process moves forward, we will engage with our Colombian partners on this important topic.
OK, so it doesn’t say outright “We want Juanma and not Uribe’s lapdog”, but the timing and the message is plain enough. 

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