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Joke retirements in mining

We’ve had a raft of them recently:

  • Ross Wide Boy Beaty, slinked away from Pan American Silver after embezzling its Juby asset from the company and sharing U$30m cash profit with his slimy friends. But somehow he’s still on the scene, now promo’ing his Ecuador failures to anyone that will listen. At least he looks tired….Ross, your face skin has dropped badly, stick to radio.
  • When Rick Rule “retired” from Sprott USA, he sent a lovely mail to the people that he thinks like him, all about his new home and how the dotage will be restful. Within weeks he’s back with his own online gig named Rule Investment Media (aka R.I.M. Job). When your only pleasures are derived from owning money, old age is a sad thing to witness.
  • And of course Dennis “I Want” Moore, whose “retirement” from Cabral Gold is for one reason only: Until you realize the truth about the Tapajos, he gets to exchange worthless paper for your dollars. So much for retirement, he has been desperately hitting the phones to find a exploreco property in Nevada USA (and he’ll take anything, as we know)

And you retail idiots hero-worship these people. Dumb as rocks, the lot of you.

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