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José Insulza withdraws his candidacy for President of Chile

Insulza (for it is he)

Here’s a bit of a shock. After making all the “I’m announcing soon” noises, today José Miguel Insulza has withdrawn from the 2009 Chilean Prezrace before it even started. Here’s Bloomie in English, and here’s what Insulza said today (via OttoTrans™)

“After a deep and difficult reflection…my presence in the country today has the objective of asking the parties of the Concertation that my name is not considered in the 2009 Presidential definition…..In thanking all those that have given me their support in the last few months, I would also like to declare my decision to remain as Secretary General of the OEA (ottonote; Organization of American States) until the end of my mandate (in 2010).”

He also left the way almost totally clear for Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle to become the Left’s candidate for the 2009 vote (well…’The Left’ in Chile isn’t exactly “Hasta La Victoria Siempre, Comrades”, but you know what I mean) . Insulza even went as far as to throw his weight behind Frei (winning him bonus points with the present administation who “viewed with good eyes” Insulza’s decision).

Thus Insulza has the honour of being the first person or country to shoot down one of my 2009 predictions in flames. In this post just last week I wrote…

“…….my pick for the next Prez, José Insulza. This guy is my idea of a great centre-left politico; hard as nails and smart with numbers. I hope he gets the job and I think he will.”

…which just goes to show you, no? As ever, DYODD dude.

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