drowsy syrups of the world

Journalism’s attitude to blogs

Good enough to read
Good enough to rip off
No need to give attribution
Because ewwww, blergs.
Today’s example: Setty on October 6th re. ALFA and Pacific Rubiales and then Bloomberg on October 7th on, yup you guessed it, ALFA and PREC. Same story, same narrative, not an ounce of decency from the so-called professionals at Bloomie. So fuck you, hacks.

UPDATE: Yes, seriously, fuck you hacks.

UPDATE 2: However, it must be said that Iwnattos understands the blogger’s psyche:

“…we’re paranoid and we like stalking people and you generally would never want to meet any of us in person even if you could be assured it was those 5 minutes of the day when we are unfortunately not drunk.”


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