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Joyous News! Mexico Mike likes ECU Silver (ECU.to)!

Here’s the link and here are some of Mexico Mike’s words regarding ECU Silver (ECU.to).

Despite this improved operating strength, the stock has sold off steadily and now the shares represent a greater bargain that at any other time in the history of the company. Never before has there been so much value in terms of resources and infrastructure to back up each dollar of market value. And the ability of the company to continue funding its operations and exploration is now much stronger once this new mill is commissioned and the dore is being poured. I like the combination of increased value and lower risk, in the context of what is still a vibrant and healthy secular bull market for precious metals. I wish I had more money to step up and buy the hell out of this stock but I am happy to just add a few cheap shares here and will be looking forward to the future.



Oh…wait a moment….that was written in February 2009. Oops, silly me!

Meanwhile, does the fact that since those words were written ECU.to has added another 65 million shares to its outstanding count and recorded a total of $13.67m in net losses mean that Mikey might have been reading the stock wrong? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

NB: Mexico Mike’s website, which is definitely not a disgrace to the mining community oh no no no, is proudly sponsored by ECU Silver (ECU.to).

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