More matter with less art

Junior mining things I’ve been reading this fine Tuesday morning

And it looks like it’s brewing into a hot and sunny day, too. Anyway, to business:
All you need to know about Batero’s (BAT.v) PEA is that the NR was published at midnight and that Felix Grau has wasted a lot of his family’s money on this little flight of fancy. Today’s best market prediction: This stock will drop today.
BMO’s Andrew Kaip reminded your humble scribe about analytic credibility today, because when it comes to Aurcana (AUN.v) the dude has zero zip nada. In his note on AUN yesterday (that bounced from the laughably bad AUN.v NR of yesterday) Kaip just decided that his $4 price target might have been a tad rish and dropped it…to $1.75. Yknow, like you do. Oh and this line was so cool Andrew: “...the shut-down is likely to rekindle investor concerns regarding the company’s checkered operational track record”. Because those concerns had completely gone away until you wrote those words, hadn’t they?
Next up, Highvista Gold (HVV.v) delivered one of those “It’s just not jolly well fair! Stop selling our stock now will you?” NRs to market a few minutes ago. It’s a 3c thing, what else you need to know?
Endeavour Silver (EDR.to) (EXK) reported its 3q13 and it looks in line at 12c EPS. Notable that there are warnings about the Mexico royalty law in the NR, though.
Some dude named Scott Barlow pumped Rio Alto (RIO.to) (RIOM) in the Grope and Fail yesterday.
HudBay (HBM) needs more cash to finish Constancia so it sold more stream to Silver Wheaton (SLW). Fair enough.

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