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Just how many LatAm countries are more peaceful than the USA? A lot

Blue good, yellow ok, orange suspect, red danger

A bunch of pinko lefty handwringers called “visionofhumanity dot org” has just released its annual “peace index” which ranks world countries in order of their peacefullynessation. Anyway, toe-curlingly boring New Zealand is ranked number one and wins again (yawn) while that paragon of democracy and Hope™ Iraq is last on the list at 144.

But we don’t give a rat’s posterior about those dudes…we wanna know about how The Americas did. So your vigilant Otto has extracted all the regional countries and lined ’em up for your dee lek tay shun. Here we go:

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Most boring country in the region is Canada. I mean, these guys should stop being so genteel and friendly and get on with killing each other a little more, no? Then comes Chile and Uruguay scoring well. But if we use the good ol’ USofA as our benchmark we see that according to those commie bedwetters at VisionOfHumanity a full eleven states rank as more peaceful in the region than the world’s self-appointed guardian of peace….including Cuba. But don’t worry USAers, you’ll be beating out Peru next year, that’s for sure.

Then right down the bottom we have Venezuela, largely due to their habit of shooting each other dead by the tens of thousands every year, and then dead last Colombia. Surprise. Mega mega surprise.

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