Take physic, pomp

Just in case you’re wondering what’s happening at Casey Research…

…and the “Big Announcement” they’ve promised for April 18th, it goes something like this:
1) Louis Lobito Little Wolf James has left the company.
2) They’re re-jigging the newsletters previously connected to Lobito.
3) A guy called E.B. Tucker is taking over one part of it. He’s been in the Stansberry empire for a while and among other things, used to run a gold fund with the dude who now runs Metalla. Anyway, E.B. Tucker is going to call his part of the gig “Strategic Investor” and it’s only going to have about 1/3 of its focus on natural resource stocks. Most of the service is going to be on financial companies and Tucker plans to reco quite a few banks to subscribers. So much for the libertarian rebel angle, hey Dougie?
4) Meanwhile, the junior mining end of affairs at Casey is being handed to Dave Forest, he of Pierce Points (and previously, the Sunward Resources blow-up and that weird platinum junior). The good news for Forest and the Casey subbers is that he’s really not that bad at the sector (and of course, he really couldn’t do much worse than Lobito).
Anyway, you heard it here first. Have a nice day.

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