Take physic, pomp

Just the darndest dippedy dang coincidence

Back in the early 70’s the ThreatToWorldDemocracy™ was SOCIALISM IN LATIN AMERICA and the scourge of scourges was Allende’s Chile. But in the end there was no need to fear because Henry Kissinger was on the case and cooking up the plans.

August 17: Former Brazilian dictator Emilio Garrastazú Médici and ex US president Richard Nixon agreed on the need to oust Chilean peer Salvador Allende and Cuba’s Fidel Castro during a meeting at the White house in 1971, when then advisor Henry Kissinger wrote the minutes, according to declassified documents published Sunday.

Cut to 2009 and Hillary Clinton is in the SecState chair. She has this ThreatToWorldDemocracy™ which is this gawdawful SOCIALISM IN LATIN AMERICA, with Honduras currently top of the list of pains in the butt. So it was refreshing to hear Mrs. Clinton say on July 28th to a packed audience that:

“And on a personal note, let me say that since taking this job, I’ve relied on the wise counsel of many of my predecessors, and Secretary Kissinger has been among the most generous and thoughtful with his guidance and advice”.

As that old song goes, “I Wonder Who’s Kissinger Now?”.

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