Take physic, pomp

Just when you thought Tahoe Resources (TAHO) couldn’t get any worse…

…they post the company’s 2q18 financials. My stars, this is embarrassing. Examples:
  • Remember when they announced the strike at La Arena (not before being prompted to do so by a pissant blogger) on April 22nd and said there would be no material effect on production. Then on May 3rd when they announced the end of the strike with no further word on any production changes? Well now, “The quarterly production at La Arena was impacted by the 13-day labor strike at the end of April.” 
  • La Arena production of 36koz Au is stupidly low, a crazy miss.  
  • At the end of 2017, working capital stood at  $143.3m. It’s now $121.2m, that despite booting $35m of financial debt from ST to LT liabilities. Main reason? Cash treasury is down $56m. Where has all the money gone, guys? Seriously, where? We need line items from you now, not approximations. The days of getting a pass on discretionaries have long gone, adult supervision is kicking in now. 
  • Another net loss, this time 5c/share, despite the company claiming an AISC $250/oz lower than gold spot for the quarter.
  • And to add insult to injury, despite the second quarter of losses this year G&A is actually accelerating! $13.7m on lord-only-knows what.
That’s just a few line items. Never forget TAHO as a test case, ladies and gentlemen readers of this blog. The archetype of how great mining assets can be ruined by morons. The industry isn’t laughing directly in your face yet, Ferrari Kev, but this humble corner of cyberspace can guarantee that it’s laughing at you behind your pompous back.

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