Take physic, pomp

Karma of the day

Branko Marinkovic is unwell.

According to this report, doctors attending our friendly fascist-racist coup monger say that he’s in a lot of discomfort due to the contraction of his heart arteries, causing very stong shooting pains in his chest, both arms and up to his jaw.

Branko dude, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.

Meanwhile, the much heralded meeting with US envoy Tom Shannon and Evo Morales went ahead as planned this week. Their meeting at the Presidential palace started right on time at 8am…and Shannon was out the front door at 8:30am. Seems like Dr. Morales has better things to do these days. Mind you, if Bolivia began to tell the USA about its strong economy and give advice on how to grow in a sustained way, control inflation, maintain a strong banking system and get the thumbs up from the IMF, the meeting could have lasted hours and Shannon might actually have learned something.

But we wouldn’t want one side talking down to the other and trying to appear all superior now, would we……….?

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