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Keith Neumeyer knows

IKN finds itself wondering what new market participants think of Keith Neumeyer’s economic and intellectual prowess this morning, what with his call for hundred dollar ounce silver hitting that troublesome road bump we sentient humans call “reality”. Mind you, we have to admire Keith’s timing on getting Eric Covidiot Sprott’s cash before the hammer came down, that’ll keep him in tequila.


    $100 because that’s the silver price where his sorry excuse for a company generates some FCF. They should stop trying to mine silver and concentrate on their core competence: issuing shares.

    Inferred Pyrites a hole in the ground 23/09/20 12:26 am

    I remember Stephen Leeeeeeb many years back on King World News saying silver was going to 200$ because the Chinese were buying up solar panels and stuff.


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