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Kirkland Lake (KGI.to) misses

NR here, crux of the matter here:

The problem: Tonnage throughput was lower than expected. The reasons given by KGI in its MD&A were:

*During the month of August production delays were attributed to repair work in the 5100 Level loading pocket which resulted in an unscheduled week of downtime.

*In September, a ground failure on the 5300 Level at the main ore pass caused delays in tramming ore to the ore pass. Haulage was diverted to the opposite end of the 5300 Level to be dumped into the truck chute and hauled up the main ramp. This resulted in slower ore movement, while repairs were completed on the 5300 Level ore pass. Congestion on this level lasted for approximately twelve days while repairs were completed which resulted in a loss of approximately 3% of planned production for the quarter.

*In mid-October, a rock burst on the 5300 Level near the “Q Complex”, impacted production from multiple stopes while power lines were re-routed, which lasted approximately 5 days, and resulted in an additional loss of approximately 2% of planned production for the quarter.

Translation of reasons: Shit happens. And it happens at our mine.

So the big question: Will the Canadian sellside brokerage monkeys forgive one of its favourite charges for this miss and recommend their clients to “buy any weakness”? And the other big question: Is is possible to locate orsine defecation in areas of high tree density?

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