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Kirkland Lake (KL) and the Fosterville production gap

Want to know why the price run stalled and never re-started? Look no further:

Fosterville is scheduled to produce at roughly that same Q1 rate all through 2021, as well.

Putting a dollar value on a mining company is often a Black Art, but occasionally the process is straightforward and until KL tackles the obvious, there will be no more new ATHs here. Just because a stock goes down doesn’t mean it goes back up again and those judging the company on its 2019 performance are making a big mistake. KL is fully priced and a market perform because its assets are fully understood and present no chance of meaningful organic upside, any other thoughts you might have are based on nostalgia. You won’t do yourself much harm going long this stock, the mistake is the lost opportunity of buying a stock that could really move higher.

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