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KORES, South Korean mining ambassadors to Latin America

At least when mining is the sector, it always strikes me as strange how people will shake their heads and warn about “those Chinese” coming over, working people to death, paying them pittances when in fact what we’ve witnessed recently from Chinese capitals companies coming to LatAm and setting up shop has been pretty good and responsible corporate culture that makes sure workers are onside. Meanwhile and for reasons that fly straight over my head, South Korea seems to get a free pass to treat anyone they come into contact with in the worst possible way.
Take KORES for example, the South Korea State run resources company, which has its fingers in many pies in mining operations and projects. Here’s how workers at the KORES-owned Boleo copper mine in Mexico’s Baja California Sur got to send their Christmas via this report (translated) dated December 25th:

Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur (BCS). A large  part of the workforce of the El Boleo mining company, located in Santa Rosalia, were evacuated at around 11am today by order of management due to the escape of strongly polluting smoke that threatened to poison personnel at the plant.
According to reports from some of the workforce, several people left the zone with irritated eyes, nausea and stomach aches among other symptoms due to the smoke coming from chimneys that covered all work zones.
This is not the first time that the company has seen a similar situation, according to unofficial reports.
Employees were threatened with losing their jobs if anyone reported the irregularities of the Korean company, according to a reporter in the area.

We particularly like that last sentence. So that’s how they do social relations in South Korea, is it? Cute.
Beats me why the people of Baja California Sur are so against setting up more mining operations in their state and fight companies such as Argonaut Gold tooth and nail to keep them from developing their patches of land. 

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