Win us with honest trifles


On this day in 1938.

Remind anyone who thinks hatred toward race or religion is acceptable.

Never forget.


    You’ve been posting alot about jewish stuff. That is boring, post about mining stuff. Thank you.


    The UN definition of tolerance explains it all:
    Tolerance is respect and acceptance of the rich diversity of the world’s cultures, forms of expression and ways of being human. It is fostered by knowledge, openness, communication, and freedom of thought, conscience and belief.


    You can battle racism and hate, only when you stop the viciousness, and learn how to be nice to *individuals*.

    After that, you can talk about fighting racism and hate.

    Until then, you’re just a worthless virtue signaller living in some hole in Peru.

    all the best,


      I’d much rather live like that than inside your head. Your mother must be proud.

      Seriously, “virtue signalling”? Is that all you got? The recourse of the pea-brained with nothing left to say is to ad-hom.

      Are you disappointed with me? Did you deserve to be entertained and feel upset I’m not pumping away at the miner of your choice, instead of reminding people about a infamous date in history that we should all remember? Too boring, too off-topic? Aww, diddums! Try twitter, mining fintwit would be much more your thing, no need to think and all the words you want to read. And don’t come back here, you’re not welcome.


    Sometimes I praise you. Sometimes I criticize. Lately this blog has been pretty vile. I wish we could get back on track.


    it should be:

    Remind anyone who thinks hatred toward race, religion or vaccination status is acceptable.


    Dont forget about Amex Exploration as a possible target. Similiar grades and widths to Great Bear but at a more reasonable market cap. and in the great jusrisdiction of Quebec.


    On the subject of hatred toward race or religion. Here’s one in the Race column which gets little to no mention each and every November 11th. Let’s not forget the Japanese Americans and Canadians who had all their assets stripped from them so thatthey owned nothing! If that were not enough, they were thrown into interment camps for 4 long years.


      “Here’s one in the ethnicity and population column”

      I fixed it for you since Japanese and Canadians don’t make up any particular race, insofar as the concept is biologically valid at all.


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