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Kuya Silver presentation tomorrow Friday

Among the flotsam and jetsam of silver exploreco “opportunities” (normally we the investor are the opportunity for the silverco, not the other way round), every so often a decent looking opportunity comes along. It just so happens that one of the few is called Kuya Silver and as it’s having its first roll-out marketing presentation tomorrow (link here) this post exists to give the heads-up. I do not own any, I have no business relationship at all with the company and that won’t change*, I am thinking about buying some at some point, but that depends on what they do and the market price of shares when they finally come out of RTO with MONT. 
If nothing else it’s worth watching the presentation tomorrow. It’s free and at a convenient time, so go with what Orange Stupid had to say about hydroginandquinine: Waddya got to lose?

*True for all companies, in fact. Other people can fake independence while taking sneaky payouts from companies, IKN is real deal indy which is why you hate me so much.

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