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KWG Resources (KWG.v): Delisting its shares and diluting shareholders to kingdom come. For the benefit of its shareholders

KWG Resources (KWG.v) is one of those classic moose-pasture peddler parasite companies you get on the Venture exchange. As at its last quarterly it had 777m shares out (no typo there), of which just 1.5% were held by insiders. And of those, nearly all by one man, the Pres/CEO Frank Smeenk, who won’t be crying too much about the current 2c share price because he gets paid $300k in cash every year anyway.
Here’s what KWG.v came out with by way of a news release on Tuesday (and yeah I’m slightly late to this, thank you reader J for the headsup this morning):
As described in KWG’s Press Release of March 13, 2015, the delisting is necessary in order for KWG to be in a position to satisfy its obligations under the option agreement with Bold Ventures Inc. (“Bold“) (TSX VENTURE:BOL) in respect of the Black Horse claims. KWG’s management and Board determined that it was in the best interest of its shareholders to continue to earn an 80% interest in Bold’s interest in the chromite resources comprising the Black Horse claims and a 20% interest in their non-chromite resources and to husband its cash resources by issuing 35,000,000 shares of KWG rather than making a cash payment of $700,000, especially in light of the difficulty in raising equity in the current markets. Given that the value of the shares being issued is $0.02 per share (reflecting current market prices) and that the TSXV does not permit listed issuers to issue shares at less than $0.05 each in respect of this type of transaction and that the TSXV would not grant KWG a waiver from such requirement, management and the Board concluded that it was necessary to delist its shares from the TSXV in order to continue to maintain its right to earn such interest in the Black Horse claims. 
KWG’s common shares have been inter-listed for trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE“) and TSXV for a number of years. Recently the CSE market facilities were made available to all of Canada’s discount brokerage trading services. It is anticipated that following the delisting of KWG’s shares from the TSXV, shareholders, investors and brokers will experience no disruption in their ability to trade such shares through the facilities of the CSE and that trading liquidity will not be adversely affected. In addition, such change in trading markets is not expected to affect KWG’s ability to raise capital. Additionally, KWG Shares will continue to be traded on the facilities of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the OTC Market in the USA.
In other words, the TSXV won’t let us dilute shareholders to the tune of 35m shares at 2c each in order to buy our next piece of moose pasture….so we’re going to delist from them and their stupid “rules”. And we’re going to add that new layer of eyepopping dilution and make sure this stock never moves again because…it’s in the best interests of shareholders. Innit.
Bottom line: Do Not Feed The Animals. These zombie juniors must die.

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