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LADB on the Peru election results

Jordana Timerman does her usual strong job of collating, curating and presenting LatAm’s hot political topics in the English language, today’s dispatch on Peru’s election results and the fallout on this link here. Expect plenty of links and opinions from all sides.


    Which one of the two do you think has more potential to the “better” during a possible governship?


    The part of this whole election garbage that I find interesting, hilarious and sad all at the same time is that the response from the constituents is identical to the US presidential elections. If you are in favor of the losing candidate, there was obvious election fraud, democracy is in danger, the system is corrupt, etc. But, if you want the leading candidate to win, the elections were honest, respect the vote, etc.


      Only the first part to your observation is new. Now, what might have weaponized the attitudes sore losers in democratic elections around the globe recently? What series of events and/or persons involved may have encouraged dirtball politicos to break the rules of a national election, rather than just bend them? Anyone…? Any ideas…?


    “what might have weaponized the attitudes sore losers”, my guess – everyone reaffirms their own point of view by who they follow, having their own biased opinions regurgitated over and over; making everyone with a different opinion an idiot.


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