Every why hath a wherefore

Lake Shore Gold (LSG) (LSG.to) management quickly fits into the Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to) corporate ethos

By lying. 
Here’s an except from the “Scotia Mid-Day Blast” that covered the THO/LSG conference call and other herbs (as we say down this way). Your cast of characters are
  • “Craig Johnston”, who is Precious Metals Anal yst at Scotia.
  • “LSG Management”, who are liars.
Here’s the excerpt:
– Friday Rumours Fueled the Expedited Negotiations: Craig
Johnston noting that after a conversation with LSG management this
morning, the company stated that the whole process moved quickly over
the weekend following the market speculation on Friday. In short, the
company was in in preliminary discussions, but nothing had been made
concrete; and hence the disclosure in their press release on Friday,
saying they were not aware of any material, undisclosed corporate
LSG management also noted they were not actively shopping
themselves around; however, flagged that a key rationale for the deal
from the LSG perspective, is
that it provides a balance sheet to further develop the Timmins Camp
quicker than under LSG ownership given LSG’s balance sheet constraints….
Ha! They’re trying to make out that it was lil ol’ me and my pissy lil blog that precipitated the merger! Oh my, how we laughed! Take it away, my darling parrot:

Allow me to be crystalline in my clarity on this: The title of Thursday’s scoop post included the words “late stage” for a very good reason. They weren’t in any way, shape or form preliminary. I’m not going to tell you how I know because that little snippet may compromise my source in the Reno head office, but I know all right. As for the reason LSG management are bare-face lying to the public, well that’s because their stock traded after that NR of theirs last Friday and they now realize a little late but the penny has dropped, that their US ticker might not be covered by that legalese use of the word “material” in the denial-that-wasn’t-a-denial. In short, they fear a lawsuit. So they’re lying to cover their tracks. Which makes it easier to understand why they think there’s close synergy with TAHO, what with their awful track record on disclosure.
And on the subject, hey Kevin, have you told LSG about the employee death at Escobal in November yet? The one you’re too scared to report to the public? Have you explained to him why “World Class” TAHO is the only “World Class” company that doesn’t come clean when it kills its employees on the job? Don’t you think “World Class” is a bit rich for companies that sneakily hide the dirt away from the investment public like that?

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