More matter with less art

Lake Shore Gold (LSG.to) fails Rule One™, plays “this thing isn’t like that thing”

Guys, do yourself a favour and stop drawing attention to your stock using BS prose. A bit of basic 
humility would serve you far better than ladling it on sans pareil. I mean, look at that chart….
A rich, thick and deep flow of 2q12 results this last 48 hours, with Lake Shore Gold (LSG.to) and its NR out just a few minutes ago just the latest in the line. However, when the company headlines with…

“Lake Shore Gold Reports Strong Second Quarter Results”

….and then later down the NR notes that…
“Net loss for the second quarter 2012 was $2.0 million”

…you get the feeling that the company IR department needs to update its thesaurus. Either that or just…
Rule One™ = Producing miner makes a profit. Period.

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