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Lake Shore, Tahoe, Stockhouse and pearls amongst swine. And scenic photos

The quiz photo from this Feb 2nd IKN post. The answer was Lake Tahoe and the clue 
wasn’t in the question, the clue was in the answer. Big prize? Geddit?
There are several reasons why I never bother reading stock bullboards (let alone write on them, gave up that nasty little habit a decade ago) but the main one is that, on average and over time, you need to trudge through 99 posts of brainfarts, banal streams of consciousness plus all the utter inanity from (paid?) pushers and bashers to find one post with something useful to say. In short, bullboards are an inefficient use of my time.
However there are exceptions and this link will take you to one today, a quality post on Stockhouse on the Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to) paper deal to buy out Lake Shore Gold (LSG.to) (LSG). I know about the post because its author “LatamAfrica”, a man known to me and a mailpal for quite some time, shot me a mail in the wee small hours to show me. And yeah SH people, I know his true ID, shock horror eh? I’m not giving that away but I will tell you he’s a smart and respected industry pro and you guys who do Stockhouse should listen carefully anytime he has something to say, you have access to a class mining brain there.
I digress. Go read his post, which does some decent numbercrunching and comes to the same conclusion that I did (using different methods), that TAHO is stealing LSG and Tony Makuch is doing his shareholders no favours by accepting this particular purse of silver (30 pieces). It’s quite long and the whole discourse is necessary to get the picture so I’m not excerpting it here, to risk boring you with repetition go over there and read it. You’ll be smarter about this TAHO/LSG deal once you have.

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