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Last week’s game-changing news (from IKN392)

I’ve been asked by a couple of subscribers to put the opening paragraph of IKN392 on the open blog. Sure, no problem, it’s only short anyway.

week’s game-changing news

The week was dominated by one planet-level
event and quite rightly, when the news broke the whole world stopped. Even
though we hoped it wouldn’t but feared it would, I’m certain that deep in our
heart of hearts we all knew it was going to happen. The air of inevitability
was palpable so when the shocked faces on hearing the news, quickly followed by
tears and later manifestations in the streets, were shown on every channel and
every TV screen all I could do was bury my head in my hands, knowing at a
profound level that the world was now a worse place than it was just minutes
before, the future was darker for us all. Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, Leonard
Cohen has passed away. And to wrap up our news digest of the last seven days,
Daniel Ortega and Donald Trump won the presidencies of their respective

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