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LatAm competitiveness

Felix Salmon has a post up about the Davos Global Competitiveness Report version 2009 that came out today (or was it yesterday?) and Salmon gets the analysis more or less right. He also links to the report itself, so check out the source material from there.

Now of course we don’t give two hoots…

..about silly thirdworld places like “Switzerland” and “The Netherlands” and the others in the top 10. We also guffaw about the fact that the USA, ground zero to the world’s financial and economic woes, still makes the top 100. All we love is LatAm, so here’s how the important countries fared in the ranking this year.

Country Ranking
Chile 30
Costa Rica 55
Brazil 56
Mexico 60
Uruguay 65
Colombia 69
Peru 78
Argentina 85
Ecuador 105
Venezuela 113
Bolivia 120
Paraguay 124
Yeah, Chile…Chile, Chile, Chile. Always Chile, isn’t it? Costa Rica we love you.. Brazil is TheNewRespectable™, Uruguay has jumped 9 places to 65 this year. And big surprise, the freemarketeers hate TheAxisOfEvo™. Or in other words, waddya expect?

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