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LatAm on Twitter in English: Five people to follow

I occasionally get asked for a few recommendations on the question…
Who to read about Latin America in the English language?
…and it’s not that easy, because for one thing most of the stuff I read that’s useful is in Spanish* and for another there’s a helluva lot of dross and nonsense written about LatAm affairs that then tries to pass itself off as smart and insightful (e.g. just about anything written about the region by The Economist, it’s painful to watch that supposed serious medium try to impose its false agenda and never, ever admit error down the line). Anyway, to the subject and here’s a little list of people who fill the following categories:
  • Active on Twitter
  • Write all or majority of the time in English
  • Know their part of the region really well
  • Smart and insightful on regional and/or business current affairs

The five here aren’t everybody I know and admire (so followers, please don’t be offended and nudge me if you think you should be on the list too…can always do another y’know), but these five are definitely people worth following on Twitter if you’re into LatAm and would like to read about the place in English:

@fbajak AP’s Frank Bajak knows his Andean region South America backwards, highly respected reporter, breaks big stories, unafraid of speaking truth to power.  

@CentAmPolMike Mike Allison is an academic who specializes in Central American politics. Sees and reports on things I’d otherwise miss.  

@Vinncent Vincent Bevins is a newswire reporter and a total expert on Brazil. Has that mix of basic intelligence, jaded cynicism and streetwise that many of the best journalists share. 

@elizondogabriel Gabriel Elizondo also does Brazil but has deep knowledge of the wider region, too. Works for Al Jazz and does great reporting, plus often breaks news via Twitter in realtime. 

@guacamayan Setty knows his Venezuela, knows his Chile, knows plenty about Colombia and other corners of South America, too.

Hit the links above to go straight to their respective Twitter pages. And follow them.

PS: Here’s another, so make it six. @colincdocherty Colin Docherty, an Aussie who lives in and has a superb knowledge of Argentina.

PPS: Yes reader TF, they’re all men. I scratched my head about that too and the best reply I have is that the women I follow (there are plenty) are more often tweeters in Spanish language than English. And I thought about it again and maybe just maybe it’s something about males being more willing to work abroad in journalism, but I honestly don’t have a good answer. 

*occasionally Portuguese

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