Every why hath a wherefore

Latest from the wonderfully calm state of Guerrero in Mexico where nothing ever happens

This time a candidate for the June election local as mayor in one of the towns in Guerrero, one Aidé Nava Gonzáles of the left wing PRD party, was kidnapped last night and found this afternoon at the side of a road, decapitated. A message was found with the body purportedly from the ‘Rojos’, a regionwide narco gang, that said (and we quote), “”Esto le va a pasar a todos los putos políticos que no se quieran alinear”. Translation; “This is what’s going to happen to all the f___ing politicians that don’t want to get in line.”
We now wait for Fred Stanford to tell us that this has nothing to do with Torex Gold and for Timmins Gold to explain how the presence of mining companies in the region is helping things calm down nicely.

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